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Making your essay longer

College essays have a range of the number of words an essay must-have. Meeting the range of words required shows your prowess and also implies that you read wide. If you find it hard to meet the required amount of words and pages in an essay, then consider an option to buy custom essay online at an affordable price.

Make use of examples

When you have points to write about, then back them up with examples that are valid and connected to the points. Examples can be real-life experiences that happen in people’s lives. This will make a reader understand the concept with ease. It aids you as a writer to meet the number of words needed. Use examples from researches conducted within the specified subject. You can use two examples on a particular point. You should be keen that the examples should link to the subject matter and the point you are trying to expound on. 

Use transitional words

Transitional words will aid you to move from one point to the next with ease. It enables readers to also move with you with ease. These words will not only be aiding in switching points but also, will aid in increasing the amount of words. The increase in words will increase the number of pages required. 


Proofreading is an important part of essay writing. It aids in sport checking mistakes done during the writing. While proofreading, you will get some points that have not been explained well. The points will need further explanations to make them stable and understandable. While proofreading, other points will emerge from the blues. Add the points and explain them well. The process will elongate the essay both in the number of words and pages. 

Reread the essay question

The most important part of essay writing is to understand the question and what it requires you to. Rereading and understanding it better will enable you to get enough points required. Even after writing the essay, go back to the essay question and read it again. Some questions have more than three aspects to be tackled. Reading it will make you realize the areas you haven’t tackled for you to tackle them. It will increase the length of the essay.

Use the correct format in your essay

Use the correct format in writing your essay. Some essays will have regulations on the type of format to use, and others will not. Make sure you use the correct format for the essay. Line spacing, theme font, and the font style can increase the length of the essay. The most used font formats are a font size of twelve with a line spacing of 1.5. Their sizes will increase the pages making the essay longer. 

Make use of longer words

Use of longer phrases to mean the same thing increases the number of words in an essay. Longer phrases can feature in place of single words. They will maintain the meaning and the entire message of the essay. They will increase it. For example, instead of saying, “I ran faster,” use a longer phrase like “I am a fast runner.” It will maintain the message but increase the size of the essay.

Quotes from experts

Make use of quotes from experts to lengthen your essay. They make your essay more appealing to the reader. They show you are a vast reader and, at the same time, elongate your essay.

Apply these tricks to elongate your essay to the required standard. Don’t let your work be of low quality because of the shortness of the essay.