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Starting a narrative essay

A good essay has to catch the attention of the reader at the start to the end. The start has to be readable and easy to get the concept. It will make the reader decide whether to continue with the reading or to stop. Concentrate more on the first lines of your essay as they are the deciding factor on your reader. It is hard to make the first line of your narrative essay. A hookup sentence is a very important factor in essay writing or narration. It’s the one that attracts and traps the attention of readers and listeners. At the time, it’s the hardest part of an essay, not knowing what to write or tell the audience. If the pick-up lines are below average, readers will develop a negative attitude on the essay. They may lose interest in the entire script before reading it all. You can make a good and easy essay attractive to your readers. Use the following tricks to come up with the most appealing pick-up line or a hookup sentence. It will be more appealing to your readers to trap their attention. 

How to make a narrative essay attractive

  • Use of appropriate quotes

All essays need quotes more so at the start. They make them more interesting, appealing, and educative. Spend time searching for the best quote that is unique to your content. It should not be very common and often used by many people. It should also suit the type of audience that you are having. It should be at the level of readers for them to be able to relate it. It should also be in a tone that is more appealing as per the atmosphere of the narration. 

  • Make use anecdotes

They are personal life experiences stories describing an occasion in one’s life. They are relevant tales of your real-life experiences to the main content of your essay. They set the ground for listeners to be eager to hear more or read more in detail. Fixation, though allowed exaggeration should be minimal. It should not manipulate the audience to the extent they realize its fixation. Anecdotes are usually used at the beginning of the essays. They make the audience laugh at the episode in life as it’s a funny and more humorous one. 

  • Be tactical

Using relevant tactics makes your narrative essay more appealing to your readers/listeners. They enable them to remember the information shared with ease. An example of a tactic you can use is:

“more than 80 percent of students struggle to wake up for preps. I am one of them.”

They have a sense of humor and help drive an essential point to the audience.

  • Use questions

You use questions in essays to capture the attention of your audience. They make readers marvel at and figure out what might be the answer to the question. At this level, readers get attached to the essay, and they read it to the end. Questions break the narrator’s boredom. They involve listeners in the narration. Their participation through answering makes the essay interesting and more appealing. They establish and maintain the contact of the narrate and the audience. 

A good narrative essay improves students’ creativity and imagination. When writing it, it can be from a fictional point of view or a real-life experience. It has to have a good and attractive introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Most of the performed narratives in high schools use the first person. It means that a narrative essay bases on the writers’ experiences in life.